March 25, 2021

customer – 12 pieces

"Beautiful work!!! and Dave is a pleasure to do business with."
October 1, 2019

" 5 minutes ago We dropped off a piece of stained glass for Dave to repair. There were several pieces of glass missing and the whole assembly was bowed out in the middle due to being placed too close to a fire. Dave fixed everything! The glass is now flat and you can't tell which glass segments have been replaced. Dave is a master. BTW, you should see his shop. There's not a thing out of place and everything is spotless!"
April 18, 2019

"Learned may helpful hints that I never heard in other classes."
April 18, 2019

"Very Thorough class. Loved the hands-on approach with much guidance. Great base knowledge. Looking forward to doing my own projects."
April 18, 2019

"The course provided me with a solid foundation for my craft."
Dave's Stained Glass